Office Workstation Partition Designer

JN Interiors is a renowned interior designing service provider based in Sri Lanka. We provide all in one and hassle-free interior designing solutions for our clients. Our services also include supplying interior equipment and office partition design across the industry. We pride in designing and distributing partitions for office installations and renovations throughout Sri Lanka at a reasonable price. We supply a comprehensive range of solid and glass office partition in Sri Lanka. Moreover, we distribute a wide array of partition designs ranging from partition screens, panels to framed / frameless glass systems. Our extensive collection of partitions can be used to build elegant, modern and functional office interiors.

As one of the leading office partition manufacturers, we have been manufacturing quality partitions since 1998, which has given us extensive experience in producing first-rate products on time. Our product range is a quick fitting, durable & visually appealing solution that adds further professionalism to your workstation. Installing office screens is the best way to divide an open office space by giving staff the privacy they need to focus. Our partition product range includes aluminium partitioning, drywall partitioning, laminated panels, glass panels, glazed office screens, desktop office screens, acoustic office pods, display partition screens and the list goes on. These partitions are finished with excellent, sturdy materials and available for installations in different shapes, sizes and colours.

Our office partition designs are crafted by maintaining contemporary, unique and cost-effective strategies. The office workstation design can be tailored according to customer requirements to match their office space and budget, whether you are looking for a low-cost solution or a high-end design. Customers can initially consult our professional design team to obtain a complete brief and gain a detailed understanding of the project requirements. This helps to work with our clients to create their customized panel designs by including a company logo, brand name or a department name.

If you have an idea in mind for your office partition, but you are not sure which product you need, our team of expert staff will help you find the exact product to accomplish your workstation partition installation or renovation. We understand that your business is constantly growing as it requires more space. The right selection of partition panels will add more space while giving a realistic look to your office. Dividing cubicles, divisional rooms or separating whole departments have been made easy with our state of the art partition solutions. We are competent in providing partition products that have been individually manufactured for your versatility to fit any office space. Our team has the technical expertise and experience for specifying partition designs to deliver you with quality service and the best possible results.

Our skilled designing team is always there to help our clients with the best selection. We are constantly updating ourselves with the latest and upcoming products in order to serve better. Obtain our services to achieve your potential office partitioning project to make the maximum use of your available office space.