Wall Cladding Installation &
Design Sri Lanka

Did you know that wall claddings protect the walls from adverse weather conditions? Apart from this quality, wall claddings are ideal for hiding flaws, protecting walls from damages, regular use and dampness. Having wall panels installed minimizes the painting and maintenance cost. We offer an array of wall claddings and installations services across Sri Lanka for residences, office and commercial buildings. Our product range is durable, easy to fit and clean. Each wall cladding is designed for specific use and applications of home or industrial buildings. With hundreds of designs and colours, lighter versions are a perfect match for domestic areas such as; kitchens and bathrooms. The heavy-duty version is specifically made for commercial and industrial applications such as hospitals, industrial rooms and restaurant kitchens. Made from high-quality materials, our products can withstand any conditions, won’t discolour and are waterproof.

Stainless steel panels

Stainless steel is a widely-used material in claddings, popular among clients due to its flexibility, durability and low maintenance features. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly metal material, stainless steel is the right choice. Stainless Steel is available in multiple of finishes and textures and gives a visually charming appeal that can adapt to any design you have in mind.

Aluminium panels

Aluminium is a popular substitute for metal cladding, valued for its flexibility and durable qualities. This readily available metal is lightweight and can conceal a huge surface area at a low budget. Aluminium can be coated in different colours and finishes to replicate the appearance of costly non-ferrous metals. It is also very flexible so can be twisted into creative shapes.

Whether you are looking for stainless steel, stone, aluminium or glass wall claddings, our experienced team can help you complete stunning results to protect your building. We can work around your desires for the design and installation. Additionally, we can advise you on the entire process as the key contractor for the complete cladding project.

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