Wall Cladding Installation & Design Sri Lanka

We are JN Interiors - industrial cladding specialists offering an array of cladding design Sri Lanka. With over twenty years of experience along with a highly qualified, highly trained workforce we provide extraordinary cladding services to industrial and commercial customers. We can manage a project from start to finish as we offer a wide range of cladding installations with the help of our highly skilled and committed staff. This ensures a high degree of quality, control and consistency in work. We are a friendly and proactive team who value the importance of effective communication and transparency when working together with customers.

Cladding can be simply mounted over several types of exteriors to enhance the look of a building. Wall claddings are used in different shapes and curves to create distinctive looks and aesthetic effects on any surface. We never compromise on quality; it is the simple formula that made JN Interiors a trustworthy Company. From the company startup, we are entirely committed to offering high-quality products, the quality material in a wide range of colours according to international standards (BSI, ASTM) and personalized to suit your necessities and demands. We use high-quality resources from only trustworthy manufacturers in order to deliver the best service to our clients. Our area of expertise experienced in installing many types of cladding by maintaining top-level health and safety measures, customer service and quality. We pride ourselves on providing the premier levels of wall cladding installation nationwide. We have experience in an extensive range of installation practices using different types of materials. JN Interiors have a wide-ranging portfolio encompassing, government, private, commercial and industrial sectors amongst many successful projects. Our customers recognize the superiority in all of our work. Claddings are the most sealed and weather resistant exterior wall system, helping to prevent air leakages, rain penetration and heating issues in any type of building. Some of our popular cladding solutions include:

Stainless steel panels
Stainless steel is a widely-used material in claddings, popular among clients due to its flexibility, durability and low maintenance features. If you are looking for an environmentally friendly metal material, stainless steel is the right choice. Stainless Steel is available in multiple of finishes and textures and gives a visually charming appeal that can adapt to any design you have in mind.

Aluminium panels
Aluminium is a popular substitute for metal cladding, valued for its flexibility and durable qualities. This readily available metal is lightweight and can conceal a huge surface area at a low budget. Aluminium can be coated in different colours and finishes to replicate the appearance of costly non-ferrous metals. It is also very flexible so can be twisted into creative shapes.

Whether you are looking for stainless steel, stone, aluminium or glass wall claddings, our experienced team can help you complete stunning results to protect your building. We can work around your desires for the design and installation. Additionally, we can advise you on the entire process as the key contractor for the complete cladding project.